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As the importance of geospatial data continues to grow in today’s era of digital transformation, the worlds of construction and geomatics are becoming increasingly intertwined. More and more organisations are discovering the power of building information modelling (BIM), which enables them to streamline architecture, engineering & construction (AEC) projects in a seamless online environment. Likewise, the transition towards 3D models (also known as ‘digital twins’) is creating an ever-greater need for accurate geospatial data – but that data must be gathered efficiently, of course.

There is no doubt that digitalisation is creating new opportunities for significant efficiency improvements and hence cost savings in the construction industry. To take full advantage of these opportunities, it is extremely important for construction engineers to understand the specific needs associated with the digital transformation in their industry.

Geo4Construction is an online platform providing must-have knowledge to help construction, surveying and geospatial professionals develop the skills they need to deliver maximum value in the 3D environment.

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Geo4Construction is a leading platform to connect the construction and infrastructure sector with the geospatial industry. We are committed to providing the best media platforms to deliver your marketing message to professionals worldwide! Please contact our marketing advisor Sybout Wijma, visit our advertising page.

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