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ComNav Technology Ltd.
Building 2, No 618 Chengliu Middel Road
201801 Shanghai
+86 216 405 6796
ComNav Technology Ltd.
About ComNav Technology Ltd.

Founded in 2012, ComNav Technology is a world-leading high-tech company focused on innovative high-precision BDS/GNSS technologies and applications. ComNav Technology engages in R&D, manufacturing, sales and services to provide worldwide customers with high-precision GNSS chips, modules, terminals, software and solutions across many industries. ComNav Technology sells its products and solutions in more than 100 countries, amounting to more than 350,000 units of modules (receivers) across ten different industries by the end of 2019. In line with its strong tradition of innovation, ComNav Technology is continuing to invest at least 20% of its annual revenue back into R&D every year to pursue excellence in GNSS technologies and solutions. Its ultimate goal is to provide the best products and solutions to customers worldwide.

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