Bentley Systems’ Acceleration Fund Announces the Launch of Virtuosity - 14/07/2020

Bentley Systems has invested in launching Virtuosity to bundle the virtually delivered services of experts for infrastructure practitioners based on Virtuoso Subscriptions.

Bentley Systems, Inc., a leading global provider of comprehensive software and digital twins services for advancing the design, construction, and operations of infrastructure, has announced that its Acceleration Fund has invested in launching Virtuosity, a Bentley company. Virtuosity exclusively offers Virtuoso Subscriptions that bundle – with a Bentley infrastructure modelling, simulation, or construction application – the virtually delivered services of Virtuosity’s experts to accelerate and advance the success of an infrastructure practitioner.

Allan Murphy, Virtuosity CEO, said: “The world’s infrastructure professionals have all gained a new appreciation for what can be achieved through online collaboration. We think this is the perfect time to inaugurate our commercial innovation: a virtuoso subscription that enhances the functionality of a software application through intrinsic assistance from subject-matter experts. We’re marshalling and virtualizing our domain expertise to help every infrastructure practitioner perform with the confidence of a virtuoso!”

Werner Felber, managing partner, Boley Geotechnick GmbH, Beratende Ingenieure, said: “With Virtuoso Subscriptions, professionals across our international teams can support projects more effectively. Virtuosity’s experts will help keep us current in going digital by constantly leveraging what’s new in Bentley’s applications to ensure our competitiveness in the market and the best results for our customers.”

Last updated: 04/09/2020