BIM in Germany: “We Have No Long-term Plan” - 23/03/2020

“In Germany, we have no strategic plan for digitalization in building,” believes BIM expert Ilka May. She goes on to say that such a plan is required as a matter of urgency, as building information management (BIM) will otherwise generate only costs rather than value. It is time for politicians to act, she insists.

BIM is in chaos. Does anyone really know what people mean when they talk about building information modelling? Developers and planners alike are often heard asking: “How much more will it cost with BIM?” That’s making a mockery of digitalization. Instead of targeted benefits – such as better decisions based on better data and findings – there appears to be escalating uncertainty regarding exactly what the new digital method for design, construction and operation achieves. Hand on heart, does anyone have any positive experiences of a BIM project? Can anyone prove based on facts and figures how much less a particular building or infrastructure cost with BIM and what its operational efficiency is like? Or is, in fact, the total opposite true – do buildings, structures, roads and railways actually cost more than before with BIM?

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Last updated: 31/03/2020