Nemetschek Extends Value of BIM beyond Building Design and Construction - 09/04/2020

As a pioneer of the collaborative lifecycle BIM idea, the Nemetschek Group and its brand Spacewell are now taking an essential step to bridge the gap with facilities management by embedding BIM into Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) software. Owners and project teams can thus benefit from BIM digital data, intelligence and visualization in the manage-and-operate phase of a building.

By embedding BIM “as-built’ data into IWMS and keeping this data alive with information from building sensors and ongoing operations, the software also opens the way to create digital twins that help landlords and operators leverage intelligence throughout the useful life of the building.

Leveraging BIM data for facility operators

“Building management is set to become smarter and more people-centric. By embedding BIM data into the Integrated Workplace Management System and connecting with the Internet-of-Things (IoT) to collect data about operations and building utilization, we are extending the value of BIM beyond design and construction,” explains Koen Matthijs, chief division officer, Operate & Manage Division at the Nemetschek Group.

“Our compelling approach to digitize the entire building lifecycle is becoming more and more sound and powerful, now expanding BIM to the manage and operate phase of a building”, says Dr Axel Kaufmann, spokesman of the executive board of the Nemetschek Group. “The IWMS solutions are then able to integrate BIM models, leveraging BIM data for facility operations. This is great news for our customers.”

The Manage Division in the Nemetschek Group provides solutions for all real estate management processes, including modular and integrated software solutions for real estate, facility and workplace management (IWMS, Integrated Workplace Management System).

MCS Integrated Workplace Management System by Spacewell is a solution that helps organizations leverage the opportunities of agile workplaces and smarten up facility services and building management. It also connects with the IoT to enable activity-based service delivery, drawing on real-time data about how spaces and services are being used. The product release MCS 20, scheduled for Q4 2020, will feature a unified user interface design, a cohesive user experience across devices and the integration of BIM data.

Last updated: 21/04/2020