Topcon Announces New Technology for BIM, Construction Management and Structural Health - 19/08/2019

 Topcon Positioning Group will be demonstrating its advanced technology offerings across vertical construction, construction management and structural health and inspection at Intergeo 2019. The company will showcase its new technology offerings for BIM at the event. The new Topcon vertical construction workflow, introduced earlier this year, includes the highly acclaimed laser scanning robotic total station GTL-1000 alongside MAGNET Collage and ClearEdge3D Verity software. The GTL-1000 will be released for general sale at the event.

The full workflow is designed to offer a powerful instrument for single-operator layout and scan on a single set up and, combined with Topcon software solutions, it offers a new standard of construction verification. Topcon will be releasing new innovative digital layout solutions alongside the GTL-1000 to enhance the VC portfolio and widen the options available to customers for this critical task.

Topcon vertical construction solutions provide the most advanced technology to reduce conflicts and changes, eliminate rework, increase productivity, and ultimately improve a project’s bottom line. These solutions are part of the digital twin process. Demonstrations of the available solutions, including the GTL-1000 with the accompanying software MAGNET and ClearEdge3D Verity, will be taking place at stand no. F3.013.

Inspection and monitoring

Topcon will also be showcasing the importance of inspection and monitoring, with Europe’s ageing infrastructure at the top of the agenda. Inspection, assessment and monitoring (IAM) is a crucial cycle to ensure the integrity of an asset. Topcon IAM solutions help to keep assets in operation, providing intuitive reporting tools for site engineers to use on inspection works and reliable monitoring of structural health.

Topcon will be demonstrating its integrated approach to asset lifecycle management with inspection by professional UAVs and data management software solutions. If there is a concern discovered during inspection, Delta Monitoring can be deployed to provide deeper understanding of the asset and improve safety.

Construction management solutions

Construction management is key to efficient project delivery. Software solutions integrated with specific market hardware can provide productivity and quality improvements which can make the difference to a project’s success. Topcon will be hosting presentations for construction management solutions such as mass haul, clash detection and automated paving, from survey to execution and quality control.

On the stand, Topcon interactive displays will provide a virtual look at the jobsite and the transformative technology for each discipline and project to help improve efficiencies and accuracy.

Ian Stilgoe, vice president Geopositioning Europe, Topcon Positioning Group, said: “Productivity is a huge talking point in our industry, so this year at Intergeo we’re proving that Topcon is always one step ahead, working in partnership with the construction and infrastructure sectors to provide solutions and products to address the big issues.

“Whether it’s quicker, simpler verification, or smart inspection and monitoring of ageing assets, the need for digital innovation is greater than ever. Topcon sits at this intersection of infrastructure and technology to deliver the innovations that can transform the way we build. We’re looking forward to more conversations with the industry at Intergeo so we can continue to provide solutions for a stronger future for construction and infrastructure.”

Last updated: 27/02/2021