UK-Canadian Partnership for GIS, BIM and CAD Data Visualization - 11/02/2020

MGISS, a UK-based consultancy company on the smarter use of data, technology and digital transformation, has partnered up with Canada-based vGIS to transform traditional GIS, BIM and CAD data into stunning augmented reality (AR) visualizations for utility and infrastructure applications.

AR provides an interactive experience of an environment where objects that reside in the real world, such as underground services, are displayed and enhanced with additional intelligence such as condition information and maintenance history.

MGISS has developed TopoGrafi, a platform that allows data capture applications and AR visualizations to use a common 3D co-ordinate system which aligns with high-accuracy Ordnance Survey MasterMap. By combining authoritative, on-demand survey grade positions and associated data with consumer grade hardware MGISS enables users of vGIS to access AR visualizations from any suitable smart device.

Efficiency savings and productivity gains

The innovative end-to-end solution delivers significant improvements in asset-location/relocation, ensures field operatives have an up to date, accurate view of buried or hidden assets, and provides massive efficiency savings and productivity gains for infrastructure asset owners and contractors. Alongside this, the reduction in risk and costs resulting in fewer service strikes is demonstrable.

The partnership will deliver a completely seamless round-tripping of 3D spatial data, allowing users to capture and edit additional features in the field.

MGISS already have successfully integrated the TopoGrafi platform with a number of key customers in Infrastructure. Register your interest for more information and to be one of the first to benefit from this exciting partnership. MGISS will shortly be announcing a series of events and webinar explaining how organisations can sign up for the service.

Last updated: 28/08/2020