Datumate Releases New Version of Construction Data Analytics Platform - 26/09/2019

Datumate, a leading provider of construction data analytics and drone-based photogrammetry solutions, has released DatuBIM version 2.0, a platform for efficient, comprehensive and timely project execution management. The latest version is designed to boost automation benefits to existing and new partners and customers, many of them being design partners of newly introduced capabilities.

DatuBIM 2.0 serves the entire range of companies involved in infrastructure construction projects, such as developers, construction management companies and general contractors. With DatuBIM, stakeholders are now able to monitor and digitally document managerial and engineering construction processes of the most complex projects in a timely fashion and along the measurements and process KPIs that really matter to them.

Design-built-maintain life cycle

“Companies turn to construction tech to optimize project management and improve profitability of their businesses. Datumate is answering this need and now offers an end-to-end platform to make the entire design-built-maintain life cycle more efficient,” said Tal Meirzon, CEO of Datumate.

DatuBIM is developed for speed, engineering accuracy and process insights. From data collection to analytics, DatuBIM delivers automated, survey-grade reports that are generated in a matter of hours, not weeks. For each project, customers can set the KPIs they want to monitor to determine progress, validate versus design and control the quality of project execution.

“DatuBIM is construction tech at its best. We developed a collaborative, cloud-based platform that serves all project stakeholders and is delivered as a non-intrusive, end-to-end solution. We managed all this without compromising survey-grade deliverables,” said Itay Segev, vice president product and strategy. “Moreover, we made sure our platform enables seamless integration with leading construction IT systems already in use by our customers.”

Multidimensional digitalization

DatuBIM 2.0 aims to brings the use of drone-based data to the next level: multidimensional digitalization of construction project execution. Thanks to the quick data turnaround enabled by Datumate software, the platform supports frequent automated drone flights that allow project owners, managers and contractors to stay up-to-date on all construction site core processes. As-built digital twins and automated multi-dimensional, customized analytics deliver valuable insights for optimizing, controlling and documenting processes, quality and budget.

Last updated: 26/09/2019